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    Steven Defour

    21 year old Standard Liege captain has revealed that he has received a letter from SAF wishing him a speedy recovery from a foot injury-ie. showing that he is on United's radar. Arsenal and Madrid are also interested.

    What kind of player is he? An article a month or 2 ago which linked him to Arsenal suggested he was a defensive midfielder, which I thought was wrong (given what I had heard already), so perhaps that is lazy journalism. Sounds to me like Arsenal are targeting him as a replacement for Cesc, and the fact that Madrid are also targeting him (as well as Cesc) suggests this to be the case. I've heard he's very good, and it's exactly the type of player we need.

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    • The Whisky Swilling Jock is CORRUPT and should be investigated,

    • Let's hope this leak has messed things up for him. Another thing in his favour are his leadership qualities. I've seem him play a few times and he reminds a little of Moutinho.

    • To be honest I don't know much about him, but from what i've read he sounds more of a creative play making midfielder, more like a Fabregas as you say, than a defensive one. Fergie is obviously keeping an eye on the lad and thats a nice letter he's sent the boy, but I don't see a place for him here at current. He sounds a similar player to what we will be hoping young Ljajic will be when he arrives next year.

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      • I did think it was pretty stupid, but perhaps it wasn't he who released the letter-he could have simply been answering questions from journos. Wrt to already having Ljajic lined up, I think we are 2, not 1, creative players short (long term)-Giggs and Scholes cannot last forever. Nani probably is going to be gone soon and Anderson is being turned into a technically more accomplished mini Essien.

    • I’ve got to admit when I first read this one this morning I thought it was going to be another story of big clubs trying to get one over on small clubs and tapping up.

      But, I understand the letter was actually addressed to the club, with them in full knowledge of the communication being requested by SAF and the player. So looks like its above board.

      But, I was wondering (just to get a little conspiracy into the story) who leaked it to the press? Was it the player angling for a a move? The club looking to cash in on an asset that was prized in the summer, but may have lost its shine as the lad has a broken leg? An agent, looking to drum up business and get a payday? Or, Utd, either directly or indirectly, trying to put a hands off signal out there to all the other clubs who've taken an interest in young Defour?

    • Here's the content of the letter:

      "Dear Steven, I have just heard about your injury and, in the name of Manchester United, I would like to wish you a full and speedy recovery.

      "I am sure at the moment you must be feeling awful and that you'll have all kinds of questions.

      "Steven, these are natural worries but I have to tell you that modern medicine and treatments are incredible, you have to have confidence in them.

      "I'm going to follow your progress closely and I will remain in contact with your club to have news of your recovery."