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  • The Levy The Levy Oct 21, 2009 15:37 Flag

    If United Beat Liverpool...

    Always great to beat the scousers, but if we do perhaps we will be putting the final nail in Rafa's coffin, and the consequence might be a quality manager at Liverpool like Mourinho.....

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    • Maureen wouldn't join them, he's holding out for us!

      Besides, how sweet would it be for Fergie to be the one who put the final nail in Rafa's coffin!

      You couldn't write it better - FACT!!!

    • lets cross that bridge when we come to it much depends on who is available at the weekend, though i do not believe we can do worse than draw, whoever is available.
      as for putting another nail in rafa's coffin do you really think the scousers are in a position to sack mr scapegoat.
      whatever happens at the weekend the scousers and arsenal are under threat of being pushed out of the top 4 with that in mind do you think they'll try to cash in on torres?
      And why would mourino go to an even more bust club than the one he's at.
      If I was a scouser and lost sourpuss I would pray for someone like Steve Bruce, who can work miracles with no wonga

    • Nah. Maureen would never go there.

      I really can't wait for Sunday's game though. Liverpool at Anfield can never be underestimated, but I have a feeling we are going to run out easy winners. I know we have always said they are a two-man team, but I never realised just how woeful they are without Gerrard and Torres until I watched Sunderland and Lyon tear them apart.

      Of course, the scousers will argue that they beat us last year without Gerrard and Torres, but I don't think we have ever faced a Liverpool side so bereft of confidence. Should be good watching :)

    • Do you think so? Can Liverpool afford him as he'll want a big war chest for new players?

      Also, if FSW goes, will some of the Spanish follow like Torres and Reina?