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  • Blueskies Blueskies Oct 24, 2009 16:38 Flag

    Question Time

    Griffin is not to clever he obviously can't get his message across because everybody thinks that they are nazis, immigrant haters, racists, homophobes etc.. Also the image is not enhanced by his henchmen who surround him when he turns up - they don't look to be a group of sophisticated thinkers and look like they've come from the back alleys of soho.
    This is the package an parcelling of the BNP People don't look at what he ACTUALLY said only what the press and PC crackpots want to be interpreted.

    LET ANYOBODY SAY WHAT THEY WANT IT'S UP TO THE LISTENER TO MAKE A JUDGEMENT ON WHAT IS SAID - We send hoards of police out to protect people sitting in streets who are shouting anti humane slogans - so why stop someone saying something on TV.

    I've travelled to dozens of countries and love being amongst strange surrroundings and have been almost always greeted with the great of hospitality and witness greater human spirit than there is on show in UK today. When you go to India, China, Egypt - you know that you are in a country built on these people, their traditions/languages/ beliefs/
    This is gone from UK - its hard to figure out where you are and even the most decent citizen has got to be careful stepping round being called a facist or whatever.
    And it's really ripe pious comments coming from a paper like The Sun who once run a headline "You are a F*******g Black B*******" afte an immigrant had been convicted of a horrendous violent rape.( The story was that the female victim was accused of shouting these words at the rapist)

    Britain is in a MESS - and its largely due to a lot of the population not willing to take Responsibility or show Respect -- the first thing people demand is Rights, even after they have cheated the system and carried out other outrages they cry about RIGHTs and wail if they say a footballer told a fib, or a refree made a decision which opposes their views.
    On top of this we have freeflow immigration and us abuse of a system where any lawyer can stand up and use Right as a way to clean the slate no matter what they have done, murder, robberies, rape.

    NO ONE APPEARS TO HAVE THE BALLS TO DEAL WITH IT - you had the pathetic example of a PM scared to say what kind of biscuit he liked - and when he mentions a bit of chocolate all the PC Dietician Chocolate hater hit the news headlines at saying how he's setting a bad example.

    I think these are the views of reasonable people and I supspect some of the concerns that GRIFFIN is very unsuccessfully trying to put across immigrants as the starting point for correcting ourselves.
    The sooner everyone gets up off their @rse and stops scrounging, thieving, killing and shouting hatred in mosques and temples and riding on the back of sympathy and takes Responsibility and Respect before asking about Rights - then we might start changing for the better.
    Unfortunately I don't see anything around me which inspires hope