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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Oct 27, 2009 22:06 Flag

    Your Boss

    You really think that Owen had clearly won the ball, had complete control, was heading directly for goal, and had an obvious scoring opportunity taken away by a Carra?

    If you do, I have to agree to disagree with you and leave it at that, as I'm sure I can't change your mind no matter how blinkered I think it is.

    In all honesty I do think Carra was guilty of a cynical foul, and while I've seen reds given in this situation I think it would have been very harsh, based upon the laws governing sending off offenses.

    At first I saw a 50/50 ball, with an argument that both were fouling each other to try to get possession (which while cynical why Carra raised his own hands appealing for a foul). I think Carra, being a thinking defender decided when he felt he was not going to get full possession he'd go down, taking Owen with him.

    Best case he thinks the refs see’s a foul by Owen. But most likely ref see's the take down, but see's Owen falling over Carra's falling body so a foul on Carra, but no more. I actually say fair play to the ref for seeing the wily defenders move (no different than much of Vidic's fine play and what Rio was trying to do, but could not do, in trying to take down Torres before he put it in the roof of your net), and carded him. But what the ref did not see, what I did not see, but it seems you saw, was a clear, and this is important, "Obvious" scoring chance.