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  • Clive Clive Nov 9, 2009 20:13 Flag

    It serves us right.

    ben_naresh D

    Wow, someone else who does not just want to kiss fergies butt, who eyes are open and can use reason to give his point, Unlike the usual muppets - so unique, Ian Robert H, Eric C, etc, etc.
    Your one of the only people who actually bother to read the post and consider what was said and then respond on the points made.
    The rest seems to have forgotten the past and how fantastic and mindblowing we were, how teams used to come to Old trafford expecting to get nothing out of it, getting a draw from them was like a win for them at OT.
    For the last few years the quality of signing has got worse and yes we have still won the league, but not in the style or force we once did, we are now hanging on to the reputation we have built up.
    Whether that is purely down to Fergie or partly down to the Glazers as well, we don't know, but we who support Utd and love football, as opposed to those who love Utd and are fanatical about Utd, we can see that things must change soon If Utd are going to continue winning things, or even being competative in the future.
    We need to learn the lessons from the past, ours and Liverpools.