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  • Clive Clive Nov 11, 2009 05:09 Flag

    It serves us right.

    First of all I said if the money was available for Fergie to spend and he did not because he thought this squad was strong enough then he has lost it; The problem is that we won't know the truth about his real feelings untill he either retires or years have past, he has lied a number of times about his backing of players and other points about Utd, the political ways are in football, the same way owners back up managers days before sacking them, and we all should know that what someone says means nothing, it's what they do that really counts, and Fergie is showing no faith in Gibson at all.
    In the past Fergie has said that he will retire once he beats Liverpools record and wins the Champs league again.
    The issue about Scholles and the rest not being seen a good enough when they started may be true but the big difference between that group and this is that they were together as a group through the stages, this lot have been brought in and of course we have seen most of the youngsters since the early 90s get nowhere near the first 11 on a regular basis, the current 11 don't have any players under 24 that have come through the ranks.
    Last season the only worthy thing we won was the league, none of the top four care about the carling cup and none of the big team in Europe care about the world club championship, and we didn't just lose to Liverpool twice and Barca, those games saw Utd fold very easily.
    The problem for us is that a lot of teams have improved, Liverpool and Utd have got worse and Chelsea have not moved ability wise.
    Any manager willing to pass away the chance of getting a record 4 in a row needs their heads testing, the chance to do that is so rare, thats why no one has done it before and it will be a long time again before another team gets the chance, if he wants to get the balance right to challenge for years to come then do that the year after you get 4 in a row.
    Nistelrooy was already a proven scorer, Ronaldo showed great pace and ability in the air.
    I am negative against the negative approach by Utd in that game, so therefore its a posative message, and if you had watched the game live on sky you would have heard the commentaotors talking about that approach - to stop chelsea from playing, which a team who are facing the current champions may do, but Chelsea are not the current champions Utd are, and you cant say the current squad is good and strong enough if you are then going to say it was right for them to be so negative because we had players missing; I understand why Fergie did that, because of the euro flop and his belief that the replacement players not being good enough to take Chelsea on.
    So who from that team have you watched since the academy?
    Before anyone, even Fergie, can look at which players should have been brought in, you have to know whether the £80 mililion was available; Firstly I would have gone for one of the real madrid wingers that were told they could leave, they have the xperience and ability that Nani and Valencia are dreaming of.
    I would have prefered to have Owen up front and Rooney as centre midfied, supporting Owen, Rooney prefers that role and plays much better playing off a front man, have the midfield and forwards closing players down quickly but then playing their normal game; Giggs was only off because he was told to stop Ballack from having any impact and he has not normally played that way. For what they were asked to do, they did well, I have not blamed the players, Fergie gave them the tactical approach.
    There you go