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  • The PC brigade have now forced a rule change on one of Britains favourite board games.

    Now Cluedo has to have one black character alongside the old favourites such as Miss Scarlet.

    The good news is, now we know who the killer is, we only have to guess the weapon and the room!!

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    • Hahaha, fucking hilarious, WOY has to come on and defend himself.

      "I'm bored, that's why in the past week or two,i barely speak to the guy."

      That's why you signed in as cartoon_bollocks to "have a go at me", a bit like being thrashed with a feather duster, as usual from you.

      Who next, Abbie?


    • Well I for one am deeply offended Cartoonhead. you could have at least had Paddys wife as a black woman.

    • PS. Just seen the rugby.................We were pants!

    • No thanks Cartoon head.

      I'm sure that in time you will get bored with him being so abusive, not answering questions and crying like a baby when things don't go his way.

      I'm bored, that's why in the past week or two,i barely speak to the guy. That's not to say i don't look at the threads and smile when i see him getting his just deserts.................. But it's not for me anymore. Have fun though.

      As for your joke. I'm only too pleased to comment.

      The Irish one is very good.

      The Cluedo one is contentious.

      It all depends on who is making the joke and to what audience and the intent of the joke.

      I can see someone wanting to cause harm using that joke but also i could easily see a black comedian use and turn a joke like that on himself and a black audience...............Stereotyping yourself for fun is common place in comedy.

      Depends on the intent/audience and circumstances for me.

    • "we're done with you here" you say

      Who's the "We" my friend, who?

      I have posted a joke, Ian has said he is offended,someone else said they thought it was funny. And all of that is fine and dandy.

      Ian is entitled to feel offended,and the other poster is entitled to feel amused. That is why i put the joke up and why i asked for debate.

      PS. Come on Roy. Like it or not you are the topic of his affections. Join in as i'm doing all the hard work. Not that it's hard, i think of it more as a public service!

      Unlike you, i welcome a diverse range of opinions. I will not and have not ever thrown a tantrum because someone dares to see things differently to me (That's your remit, as you well know my Son).

      My only dissapointment is that Ian has not said if he finds the same jokes but from black comics to whites, equally offensive.
      But again, that is his right not to answer.

      Here's another

      Paddy is cleaning his gun when it accidentaly goes off, and he shoots his Wife

      Paddy immediatly phones 999

      Paddy: "Hello, i have just shot my Wife and i think she's dead"

      999 Operator: "Now calm down Sir, first of all can you make sure that she is dead"

      Paddy: (Click, BANG),"OK, she's dead....Now what?"

      I think most will agree that is a funny joke and i would be surprised if any found it unexceptible. But i'm always willing to be proven wrong

      So please reply if you found the joke offensive.

    • Fuck off kipper, we're done with you here, you racist arsehole.

      Only a prick like you would claim that because a black man somewhere once told a racist "joke" it's OK for you to do the same.

      Racism, as I've told you MANY times, is NEVER acceptable.



    • I might have missed it but i didn't see a reply to the question Ian?? Hmmm!

      You are entitled to your opinion on the subject of acceptible or unacceptible comedy. And i respect that. I was simply interested if the same jokes made by black people about white, offend you in the same way? To me, comedy is comedy and i'll take it as i feel it was intended.

      And i will give you more credit than to be lead down any ID path by Butch

    • 'Mind you if the government told him too he would' If the government asked me as well ? Why would the government ask me to act like a scumbag like you baron ?

    • Isn't there a thick, fat racist called Cartoon Head in the game?