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  • "we're done with you here" you say

    Who's the "We" my friend, who?

    I have posted a joke, Ian has said he is offended,someone else said they thought it was funny. And all of that is fine and dandy.

    Ian is entitled to feel offended,and the other poster is entitled to feel amused. That is why i put the joke up and why i asked for debate.

    PS. Come on Roy. Like it or not you are the topic of his affections. Join in as i'm doing all the hard work. Not that it's hard, i think of it more as a public service!

    Unlike you, i welcome a diverse range of opinions. I will not and have not ever thrown a tantrum because someone dares to see things differently to me (That's your remit, as you well know my Son).

    My only dissapointment is that Ian has not said if he finds the same jokes but from black comics to whites, equally offensive.
    But again, that is his right not to answer.

    Here's another

    Paddy is cleaning his gun when it accidentaly goes off, and he shoots his Wife

    Paddy immediatly phones 999

    Paddy: "Hello, i have just shot my Wife and i think she's dead"

    999 Operator: "Now calm down Sir, first of all can you make sure that she is dead"

    Paddy: (Click, BANG),"OK, she's dead....Now what?"

    I think most will agree that is a funny joke and i would be surprised if any found it unexceptible. But i'm always willing to be proven wrong

    So please reply if you found the joke offensive.