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    January transfers

    Palermo's talented defender who has been linked with us on numerous occasions, Simon Kjaer, is only 20, 6 ft 2 1/2 inches tall, good on the ball and in the air, and is only 12 million euros. I think we need another young central defender and would be very happy if this transfer went through in January.

    Likewise, buying Rodwell would be a much better use of 20 million pounds than Carlton Cole.

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    • Agreed we need defender's that are also good on the ball,and not clumsy and just stand there like our's do sometimes....get um..!

    • I agree on Kjaer as a target, but going off the back of what the Palermo chiefs said last week, he's unlikely to be available until after the World Cup.

      Rodwell is a good player, but I wouldn't be looking to buy him in January. We need to see if Hargreaves can return first. If he does return and has an impact, we wouldn't need Rodwell. If Hargo either never returns, or fails to rediscover any real form, then he may be a realistic target in the summer, although I think Yaya Toure would be the number 1 choice.

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      • I'd like to see a young talented defender in Jan-either Kjaer or Subotic. I think the fact that the Palermo president has named his price indicates that he would probably be available in January.

        I see your point about Rodwell, but it would be good to see more young English players for the future in the side. He's the only Englishman who would be of use who is talented enough as well. I think the fact that he can also play in defence as well would make him invaluable. You are right though about Hargreaves. I wouldn't go for Toure as a replacement however if it came to that-would like someone a tad younger.

    • Kjaer sounds like a great signing, but he's either going to be 3rd choice or push massive prospect Evans further down the cue - dont see Fergie doing it unless he has plans to offload Rio this summer.

      Rodwell again seems like a good signing at first glance, but he'd be another expensive player sitting on the bench behind Fletcher, Anderson, Carrick and Hargreaves, this one wont happen until the summer at the earliest, and will need a departure, Gibson and Carrick are probably both contenders if Fergie is a fan of bringing this kid in.

      Owen was only ever signed as a sub, Berbatov just isnt gelling with Rooney, Cole could play OFF both and add more physical presence upfront, it would be some much needed firepower for the second half of the season....and Im sure most sensible people realise he wouldn't cost as much as £20m!

      Personally I'd prefer to just see Macheda blooded instead of splashing out on a new front man. Anyone who thinks he's not ready is talking boll*cks in my opinion!

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      • macheda is only a boy yet.give him a chance to mature a bit yet

      • I think Brown's time at the club will soon be up. Vidic isn't assured to stay beyond the end of the season and Ferdinand's role may change-ie. more time on the bench. Kjaer would be great.

        Rodwell would be behind the 1st 2 you've mentioned on form, and perhaps Carrick, but there are no guarantees that Hargreaves will come back in good shape-his recovery has been pushed back on at least 2 occasions. Gibson doesn't (unlike Fletcher in years gone past) have the attributes to become a top player-only a good shot. For a 22 year old to hardly make any appearances in what isn't the strongest midfield is indicative of his potential.

        Carlton Cole is an average player who hardly scores any goals. Even during this supposed purple patch, his ratio isn't that great for a main central striker. Even 10 million pounds is too much for him. I'd like to see Dzeko who is top quality come, but it seems he prefers Milan. But if we were to buy a striker, I'd like him to be 22-24, and top quality. Macheda and Welbeck still have a lot of developing to do and neither are certainties to make it at United.