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  • jim w jim w Nov 18, 2009 20:14 Flag

    We're all doomed!

    VDS is past it, Foster wants away, Rio is 'gone', Vidic wants away, Brown is terrible, Fletcher made to look silly, Carrick injured, Anderson is unwanted, Valencia isn't Ronaldo, Nani wants away and is poor,Berbatov injured, Owen is unwanted,Rooney is well is Rooney. Fergie has commited a more heneous crime than murder and should be banished to the Tower for life. The owners are skint and only serve ofal to old players now.
    Its the end, we're all doomed!
    Or at least it sounds like it if you believe half of the rubbish peddled in what passes for 'the media' over the last week or so.
    Unfortunately some of this rubbish seems to have entered the heads of some of our posters on here.
    I humbly suggest that by New Year, United will be top of the league and one or two interesting new faces will have been signed and ( as usual) we will have forgotten the 'slow days' of November and be wetting our appetites for title number 19.
    By the way, some very encouraging performances by our youth players in various international teams.

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