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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Nov 20, 2009 05:05 Flag

    The Ireland - France game

    Refs we know make mistakes every week, and while this may have been a big one, they are all big in the eyes of the supporters of the loosing team. If Ireland is in the rights to get a replay, they so should Liverpool get to replay Sunderland with all beach balls banned from the ground. If that is allowed then every Sunday league team who feels they got a harsh decision should have the same right. Where does it end?

    The only legitimate answer is to try to prevent this going forward. That means don't criticize the ref, but actually give him some help. Instant replay would have caught this, allowed the ref to reflect and then disallow the goal, and then let the match play out to whatever its real outcome would have been, extra time and maybe penalties.

    But remember while its the Irish lads who were the losers last night, I'd also say it was Henry who will carry the larger burden. I heard he tried to tell the ref it was a handball. I don't know if that is true or not, but it will be forgotten. From here on out a player most (maybe not all) respect, will be remember much like our hand of god friend, as a cheat. Whether he did it deliberately or not does not matter, it will always be part of his legacy, and a player many would say was great will always have an astrix after his name.

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    • Dave the Sunderland comparison was in my view a bad one, the beach ball was put in Pepe's net by himself, it blew out, which had he dealt with it properly rather than just sticking it in the corner to blow out into the field of play then you would not have had that problem.

      The other issue was Sunderland played you off the park, just like the Irish did France last night.

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      • The only thing Henry did after the goal was celebrate and even though he now admits it was a handball all he has tried to do is pretend it was accidential when replays clearly show that he used his hand to control a ball that was going out of play. A replay isn`t the answer because as has already been mentioned where do the authorities stop - do they replay every game where there is a controversial incident? The use of video replays during a game would appear to be the answer as long as they work out a system which doesn`t result in a game being disrupted every 5 minutes to check a disputed decision. Perhaps football should adopt the solution used in tennis where a player has a set number of challenges they can make and once those challenges are all used up that`s it - this ensures that a player only queries what they believe to be genuine mistakes. Such a system could also be used to prevent players surrounding a ref if it was ruled that that by doing so a team were using up one of their challenges.

      • Actually it fits fairly well as it was clear after the game that the ref should have stopped the game and allowed a contested drop ball as soon as a foreign object interfered with play. How that foreign object, or how well or bad either side was playing is beside the point.

        I'd note Fergie used the example of Drogba allegedly pulling down your player as his example of refs getting it wrong. Now whether that was or was not a foul is not the point. The point is at what point do you allow or not allow a replay because after the fact you have video evidence showing the ref got it wrong?

        I know there is one precedent by only the one, while how many cases of the ref got it wrong can we come up with. I'm sure we can all come up with half a dozen for our own clubs fairly quickly off the top of our heads. So, back to the point where does it stop?

        For me what is done is done, and so you have to look forward. It’s been said before, and will again, but this is just another case of why the game needs technology. The ref did not see it, so going forward he needs help to ensure he see's more of the game, and things like this either don't happen, or are at least limited.