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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 22, 2009 17:45 Flag

    Great idea to stop cheating


    Stalker ! Hanging on your every word!

    NAW just exposing you for the LIAR FAKE and boards BIGGEST WALTER MITTY STORY TELLER.

    Knew you couldn't answer the questions.....

    "Classified" Ahahahahahahahaha Ahahahahahahahahaha

    "not in a civvie" outfit...... So know your trying to say your MILITARY".

    I knew you you couldn't Google the last part and find that , why? Because they give you something to carry in case you get ill by the round and or if the round had nicked or has hit any bone .....GETTING the CLUES YET ?..........It's also the SIZE of a bank CARD......THERE YET?!

    So your LIES are!

    1. You have your hands registered as lethal weapons......That cracks me up every time.

    2. You live in a mansion but live near the ARKLES...........Rib cracker

    3. You made millions in the DOT COM ERA........ahahahahaha nearly dropped my tea again at that one.

    4 You have a PHD in LAW..... Even better story Walter.

    5. You got shot in Africa with a round like a .38! ....God Spilt me tea from laughing so hard....

    Boy, oh boy WALTER. You know how to tell them, pity I have EXPOSED you for the LIAR you are! Now I can just ignore your sorry sad ARSE( thats the correct way to spell it by the way).having shown you up each and every time for months on here.

    Ladies and Gentleman I give you the Boards Resident Liar and Yahoo's Own Walter Mitty "The ARKLES CHUMP" the one, the only Dog's of WAR!.........OWNED by me PWND by ME.