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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 24, 2009 08:00 Flag

    Great idea to stop cheating


    Ohh dear LIAR..

    As for my RANT what have i Proved...well for one your a LIAR...Secondly your a story teller....Third your a LIAR fourth YOUR a LIAR ect ect ect...

    .Ohh and by the way SAILOR You know yet where you slipped up posting as Sepp yet?

    Now as for the "knew something about guns! Obviously not"

    It's actually called a WEAPON not a gun, You see AMATEURS CALL IT A GUN while WE REAL PROFESSIONALS call it a WEAPON and it's a ROUND NOT a BULLET.The ROUND that is in use in SA is the .307.5 round with a weight of 143 grammes known as the NATO 7.62 round also known as the .308 (given to the diameter of the chamber that acommodates the the actual ROUND.

    So now your trying to tell everyone you were shot in the leg by a RIFLE round.....Now this is going to be P!SS easy to check, you see WALTER. any and all Ballistic truama incidents are kept on PUBLIC FILE in SA. Unless of course your trying to tell us your now in the MILITARY?????????????

    My only mistake was leaving out the 0 when I typed the .308 but you jumping onto that was a sure way of showing you've been BITCHED BIG TIME BY ME and were looking for a way to try and hide your embarressment by trying to change the fact you've been caught out BIG TIME.

    As for the link..."Ha! You made that promise over a month ago! "....I kept that promise as I will this...



    TAXXIII FOR MY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!