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    Great idea to stop cheating

    Read this in the Daily Mail about a scheme being used in Germany which if it had been in use in the Ireland game would probably have resulted in the goal by Gallas being ruled out - and there would have been no disruption to the game. When there is a disputed decision the ref asks the player did he cheat? If he says yes a freekick is awarded to the other side and no further action is taken. If he says no and video evidence later shows that he lied the player is hit by a 3 game ban. The Mail`s reporter suggested that the ban should be doubled - 3 games for the offence plus 3 games for lying. He argues that any player facing a 6 match ban - especially a ban that would rule them out of a major tournament such as the world cup - would tell the truth. Thus Henry would have admitted to handball and Ireland would have been awarded a freekick and the game would have been settled by fair means not foul.

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    • good idea! iv been saying that replays & video technology arent the way foward.
      i think consequences for the cheats is the way foward & fairest way.
      i suggested banning them after the game for cheating.
      but i love this idea a lot more.
      sometimes players may just instinctively cheat & regret it later.
      this way, the player would get time to own up.

      so henry owns up, ireland get a free kick & everyone carries on as normal. perfect.

      if it says he didnt then result stands but the player is banned for 6 matches so ultimately henry would only play in WC if france got to the final.

      i hope fifa implement it.

      why do the germans always have the most efficent ideas!

    • It's certainly an interesting idea, one which I hadn't heard of previously. The asking about the cheating sounds weird, but with genuine consequences, it would be effective. The downside is that it would be a difficult rule to spread down to lower levels of the game, in much the same way that video-refereeing would be difficult.

    • Don't see how this works.

      If a player genuinely believes he hasn't cheated and a video panel says he has, then what?

    • "Thus Henry would have admitted to handball"?

      mu_devon, as blinkered as ever. The truth is, Henry told one of the Irish players whilst the game was still going on that it was a handball, and the referee got it wrong.

      Why the sudden holier than thou attitude about cheating? If my memory serves me well Man U have gained hugely from the proceeds of cheating in the last 3 seasons, remember the disallowed Pedro Mendes shot which crossed the line at OT and wasn't given as a goal? And there are many more examples of diving and cheating by by Ronaldo and co which deserved an Oscar or two. Get the blinkers off mate.

    • read this a while ago on teletext and think it could work

    • I like it. It’s really an extension of the honor system, with a bit of a bite if your caught lying. My only question is what happens when the video replay is not conclusive. For example diving sometimes is obvious and blatant on the replay, but other times it can be a bit subjective. For example there is contact, but not enough to bring the player down, or the rolling around after the fact to try and induce the ref into giving out a card.

      I'm not knocking the idea, as anything that will clear up the game is going to help. The best thing to clear things up in my mind is to take away the incentive for cheating by enforcing rules against cheats as harshly as you can. However we've also got to be aware of the grey areas, as we all know, there are plenty of player who will continue to reside in those grey areas.

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      • obviously theres going to be some tricky decisions for the video panel but in those cases they will just have to give the benefit of the doubt to the player if they arent sure if he cheated.
        i dont know why u see this as a problem cantona?
        because refs are always making tricky decisions & judgements on the pitch, so whats wrong with a video panel doing the same.
        so if henry didnt think he cheated, it would go to a video panel who would logically conclude he did.
        so thats a 3 or 6 match ban depending on what final system u go with.
        i would start with the 3 games ban if cheated.

    • This is such a dumb idea, where do I start.

      Who will decide if a decision is disputed?

      The Ref? He didn't see anything wrong with the goal that went of Henry's hand, so it wouldn't have worked there.

      The players? Then every throw in, every corner, and every challenge will be disputed by the team against whom the decision has been given.

      " Read this in the Daily Mail "

      Ahhhhhhh....that explains it.

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