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  • jul jul Nov 29, 2009 09:02 Flag

    Well now we know!!

    firstly he shirt pulled therefore penalty, HOWEVER no way could the linesman have seen it there was a body in the way of his view and a fraction of a second later the pompy player had hold of vidic's arm...this official ALWAYS leaves me scratching my head at his erratic decisions, on minute he must hate united then he goes and does something just as crazy in our favour.
    I have no problem with penalties for shirt pulling just as long as its applied week in and week out in every game all over the pitch , though what the score and how many players finish the match for persistant foul play is another matter

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    • As the commentators on SKY said if refs are going give penalties for that then penalties will be given every time an attack happens inside the box. Vidic may have had a slight hold on the portsmouth player `s shirt but not only did it not prevent the player from challenging for the ball but far worse goes unpunished in every premiership game. Heck even the portsmouth players were surprised at the award. However I don`t buy in to any conspiracy theories - at worse the ref was merely guilty of giving in to pressure from the crowd.