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  • Ahahahahahaha!

    I don't need to dress anything up SLAYER. See UNLIKE you I have used the OFFICIAL FA report, the very same one that UNITED received, the VERY same ONE that was ISSUED to the press, the VERY same one that was Issued to UEFA.

    Your Fact" FACT DEEM HIM TO HAVE FAILED A DRUGS TEST"....... hehehehe...... WRONG! The charge of failing a drug test was never made by the FA, hence the charge under E26 FOR MISSING A TEST WITHOUT PERMISSION!


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    • I have never said that he .".failed " a drugs test, what i have said is that "if aplayer misses a drugs test" then under the fa, doping policy, "that player is deemed to have failed the test, " whats all this hahahahaha, you fool , si long plonker

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      • PML!


        Jesus are you stupid or what!

        I'm going to explain this one last time.

        Rio Missed a drugs test BUT TOOK IT 36 HOURS later. Therefore he DIDN'T miss a drugs test, he failed to take it at the given time. Now he was charged under E26 c NOT D which covers players FAILING TO TAKE A DRUGS TEST PERIOD. you plonker.

        I have noticed your spelling and grammar and general use of the English language is getting worse and NOT as you claim from your finger slipping when typing.

        DISMISSED IDIOT!!!!!!!!!