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  • Ahahahahaha.

    SLAYER you really are a total waste of an education.

    "Simple question, why is Rio running away from the authorities"

    He didn't you DIP...He FORGOT to take it due to moving home the same day as the test was due to be take and took the test 36 hours later where any substance would have been TRACEABLE in Blood, URINE and HAIR.

    "Rio obviously had banned substance in his system".....WRONG...The test he took 36 hours later FOUND NO SUBSTANCES IN HIS BLOOD URINE OR HAIR. Nor the TEST he took 7 days LATER. Thats is why the FA COULDN'T CHARGE Rio WITH A DRUGS OFFENCE , only the offence E26 regulation C for MISSING a APPOINTMENT

    the Actual tests for Cocaine abuse are

    A...... A URINE sample

    B.......Sample of your hair

    C.......A Blood sample

    Blockers "DO NOT WORK WITH COCAINE" because of the metabolic change that takes place in the blood during the time of use. SO can BE TRACED through your URINE 72 after use, your HAIR up to 25 YEARS, your BLOOD 36 hours.

    So exactly where is a drug cheat?????.. NOWHERE!