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  • Drug blockers!


    DRUG BLOCKERS..Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha..

    That has made my day. JHC spilt my coffee laughing so hard........ Let me enlighten you "AGAIN" SLAYER.

    The Actual tests for Cocaine abuse are

    A...... A URINE sample

    B.......Sample of your hair

    C.......A Blood sample

    Blockers "DO NOT WORK WITH COCAINE" because of the metabolic change that takes place in the blood during the time of use. SO can BE TRACED through your URINE 72 after use, your HAIR up to 25 YEARS, your BLOOD 36 hours.

    I suggest you go read AGAIN What I have written over this, As you have totally NOT A CLUE WHAT YOUR ON ABOUT.

    Right............ so you need a dictionary to spell the word KNEW????????

    "Ian i new you were going to say that...HEHE.....HEHEHE....HEHEHEHE ahhha AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    You give yourself away every time... "Don''t have the time to consult a dictionary".ROFLMAO.....Try learning the alphabet first, then ENGLISH . It might help the rest of us to UNDERSTAND your RANTING'S