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  • For once I hope they got it right.






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    • Its possible Evra will play at CB alongside Carrick!

      With those lot in defence, and considering what Fergie usually does in Europe, I think the odds are stacked heavily against 4-4-2.

      Yahoo is always wrong, at least its consistent with that.

    • sir alex has opted for brawn to brains if that is our starting 11 against wolfsburg, we will get beat easily. wolfsburg are a physical side and we would have to be more canny to beat them at their game, in their own little stadium.

    • personally, i would like to see:


      Fletcher Carrick Gill Evra

      Scholes Ando Gibson

      Valencia Wellbeck

      Playing away from home against a side that keep the ball well i feel we will need 5 in midfield. Especially as we will have a depleted defence. With this formation Wellbeck can push up and support Owen as well. What are your thoughts??

    • my only worry would be Gibson at CB. We would maybe be better off tryin out one of our younger centre backs against one of the best strike partnerships in Europe in a match that does not matter TOO much if we lose. Carrick has the physique and experience to play CB. and is quite defensively aware and has good positioning.... Gibson, however, i would b worried about.....at centre back any way cos we all know how well he is doing at the mo at other end of the pitch haha