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    World Cup strikers: Owen or Agbonlahor?

    Sir Alex Ferguson has told Michael Owen (age 30) not to give up on his World Cup dream.

    I hope it is just a pipe dream for Owen who is not even a starter for Manchester United let alone England.

    But what are people's opinion on this one, Owen or Agbonlahor?

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    • The only reason to take Owen is as a goal poacher. So if he breaks into the top four english goal scorers I would take him. However, that means four out of Defoe, Crouch, Bent, Agbonlahor, Rooney, Heskey and C. Cole will need to score less.

      Dream on.

    • jon2stead is an alias for another poster, check his number of posts, then click on his post history.

      Obviously another slayer ID.

    • HONESTLY, I will take a "half-fit" Agbonlahon over Owen anyday.

      Owen has now past it his sell-by-date in International football, despite his antics against an average German Champions League FLOP.

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      • And any1 who says he is too old is a muppet!!! He is younger than half the Chelsea team....including the likes of Drogba etc.....

      • "Owen has now past it his sell-by-date"

        Hahaha, another classic slayerism.

      • i'm sorry but for me Owen HAS to go!!!!!
        Not as a starter but a squad player.......
        Imagine England get to the World Cup Final and the match is level at 1-1 or even worse we are 1-0 down to Argentina/Brazil/Italy with only 10/15 minutes to go....... If Capello were to bring Owen on at that point in the game there would b such a belief in the fans AND the other players out on the pitch that he, Owen, could just pop up in the right place at the right time to pinch that vital goal..... There is something about Owen coming on when a goal is needed.....You always have that feeling that Owen can pinch the game.....As we saw against City 97th minute...... No one else could have done that in such a big game with so little time left.........A younger more inexperienced player (like Gabby) would have probably fluffed it under the pressure!!!! There is no football competition in the world with more pressure than the World Cup and it is under pressure that Owen thrives and excels.......

    • A tough call, but I if pushed would probably take Agbonlahor. But as has so far proved correct by Sir Alex that Owen can still do a job.

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      • Defoe is a more experienced version of Agbonlahor in my opinion. That's just my way of making things logical. Defoe is a definite pick so I'd take Owen. It would definitely be his last World Cup and with his experience he would have a better chance of delivering the goods than Agbonlahor.

        Agbonlahor hasn't featured in too many of England's games and for us to judge him we'd have to see him start some games for England. Agbonlahor is England's future. The 2010 WC might come too early for him. Perhaps the 2012 European championships would seem more reasonable for me.

        If Owen doesn't start 20 Premier League games than he shouldn't be chosen. Playing regularly works in Gabby's favor. It's too early to tell at this moment in time.