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  • James James Dec 15, 2009 21:47 Flag

    World Cup strikers: Owen or Agbonlahor?

    i'm sorry but for me Owen HAS to go!!!!!
    Not as a starter but a squad player.......
    Imagine England get to the World Cup Final and the match is level at 1-1 or even worse we are 1-0 down to Argentina/Brazil/Italy with only 10/15 minutes to go....... If Capello were to bring Owen on at that point in the game there would b such a belief in the fans AND the other players out on the pitch that he, Owen, could just pop up in the right place at the right time to pinch that vital goal..... There is something about Owen coming on when a goal is needed.....You always have that feeling that Owen can pinch the game.....As we saw against City 97th minute...... No one else could have done that in such a big game with so little time left.........A younger more inexperienced player (like Gabby) would have probably fluffed it under the pressure!!!! There is no football competition in the world with more pressure than the World Cup and it is under pressure that Owen thrives and excels.......