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  • Roon Ferdinand Roon Ferdinand Dec 18, 2009 15:06 Flag

    Lack of header goals

    Has anyone noticed the lack of crosses and as an effect the lack of header goals. I know Rooney is not striker that gets headers last season he did'n't score a single goal this way and so far this season same result.

    Still the only striker I remember scoring a header goal is Michael Owen.

    Got me thinking about Becks and Van Nistelrooy.

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    • The only aerial threats we have are Vidic, Fletcher and O'Shea. None of them are strikers. That's the real problem. Chelsea and Tottenham have been scoring for fun. Chelsea have two aerial threats in Drogba and Anelka among their forwards. They have Ballack and Terry to help them out as well. Spurs have Crouchie. It's not only "headed goals" that they provide but knock downs as well. The knock downs have plenty of potential to be assists. Crouch has done it time and time again for Defoe.

      Rooney is someone who can actually head the ball quite well but he doesn't have the leaping ability that Solsjkaer and Ronaldo have been blessed with. Owen despite his height has scored a number of headed goals. Berbatov seems like a player who's more comfortable with his feet. If he can increase his heading ability and heading accuracy then that could add another dimension to our game. I think he should put on just a lil bit more of muscle. Not too much just a little bit. Seems a lil off topic but I wanted to add something to it.

      We've been blessed with great headers of the ball in the last decade or so with Ronaldo , Cole , Hughes, Sheringham. There are probably a lil more. I don't agree with Roon Ferdinand about the lack of "header goals" cause the midfield and defence have been shouldering most of that responsibility thus far. The problem is that it's not coming from our strikers.

    • What's your point about Beckham and Van Nistelrooy?

      Neither was a renowned header of the ball. We've not had one for a long time other than Ronaldo who didn't get that many with his head either.