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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Jan 3, 2010 23:03 Flag

    BERBATOV = Playing with 10 Men......

    This is the HANDICAP we play with every time we pick this utter WASTE OF SPACE.

    Yeah he has a great touch, but he touches it about 4 times a game and does F*CK ALL with it.

    Its costing us big time and the sooner we acknowledge this the better.

    £30m - not even deemed good enough to start the CL final!

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    • What are you on about? Do you even know what you're saying?!

      Why you're blaming Rooney is beyond me, EVERYONE had a bad game, other than maybe Valencia who looked good (once they finally gave him the ball)...the question is WHY?

      The POINT Im making (which fortunately others have understood) is that Berbatov's lack of a contribution costs us time and time again.

      I dont care if Rooney had a bad game, he gives us 50 amazing games every season. He was on his own up there, with no support from midfield, its inevitable he's going to struggle!

      Get Berbatov flogged, get a decent partner for Rooney, and its a different story. Look at the title of this thread! We were playing with 10 men for f*cks sake, of course the team were gonna struggle!

      Try and think before you speak next time.

    • Totally disagree. But when you have Wellbeck and Obertan doing absolutely nothing it makes it difficult for him.

      Berbatov made 2 or 3 good chances others spurned, especially Valencia.

    • "Rooney didnt have his shooting boots on"

      - excuses after excuses

      And i'm not the only one pointing out his shortcomings. If you bother reading people's posts, you will find that there are other people who understand the game enough to see that Rooney, among others, have been poor today. He might or might not have been our best player today, but the team has been poor, and so has he. Did it ever occur to you that we LOST that game? FFS.

    • Yeah I'll have to agree with that.

      I just hope that Fergie said that to protect Berbatov and his already not so good moral because he can't really do something about the striker situation right now, but deep inside knows that he fucked up with this transfer and plans to correct this in the summer.

      But then the other bit about the Berba - Roon or Berba - Owen partnership comes back to mind which doesn't make me very optimistic to say the least...

      But Fergie has done so much for United plus we've won the PL the last 3 seasons while also doing very well in the CL, so even though I sometimes feel a ''bit'' alienated by his decisions I'm not going to start doubting his ability now, let's just see what happens. Afterall this is a bit of a transition period so fuck-ups are preprogrammed...

    • Yeah that made quite disturbing reading.

      The worst part was him saying Owen and Rooney were too alike, and that the partnership would always be one of them ALONGSIDE Berbatov???

      That had me wondering if the ABU's are right, maybe Fergie's age is starting to show....its definitely a concern now.

      If Berbatov starts the rest of the season, we'll end up winning f*ck all Francenal-style.

      Even they've got more chance of winning a trophy this year!

    • Hahaha, good one about city being a warning sign lol.

      United should just stop spending so much money on such ''old'' players, we don't seem to fare so well with it. Either they hit the ground running or you can simply say goodbye to your huge investment. And then it's always hard for any manager to spent so much money on one player and then not play him because he's actually shyte!

      I read an article yesterday about Fergie still expressing his hope that the Rooney - Berbatov partnership will flourish and I think that's exactly why they were both playing today (especially Berbatov) instead of Owen or Macheda for example. And I'm not sure Fergie will abondon him anytime soon...

    • we can only hope and pray!!

    • No arguments there!

      Him plus cash for Dzeko perhaps? He did quite well in Germany, and they might not have noticed his inept performances for us!?

    • to be perfectly honest legend we be luck to get that mate

    • Thats true hemz, we're damned if we do and damned if we dont!

      I'd try and get £10m for him and put it towards a striker who actually participates in games, Beckfords going free, even he'd be better!

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