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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 8, 2010 05:46 Flag


    Hi Lynden I think that this time Alex is ready to step down and the ear to the ground says laurent blanc is the man

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    • laurent blanc, No way, shape or form.
      Fergie has been special, so only a special one will be good enough to replace him and keep Utd on top.
      Jose is a special one indeed, He has the experience, knowledge and like Fergie, he won't stand for the players who think they are bigger than the club.
      And thats another reason why he will desire to manage Utd, Chelsea got rid of him for the sake of the hussy fit thrown by Terry, Utd have always stood by Fergie when big name players are shown the door because their heads are getting too big.
      But I think fans should back up Fergie until it's clear we can't win the league this year, if that becomes clear then fans need to demand he steps down; This year the league is far more important than it has been for a while, Utd finally have the chance to win a reord Four in a row, something no team has ever done before, and to throw that away for any reason is not acceptable.
      Fergie has stated time and time again that Utd have a strong enough squad, he came out and said he did not want or need to add any big signings in January.
      If he is covering up the lack of money available then he is part of the problem, fans would back him 100% if he came out and said the Glazers have crippled the club money wise and so he can't buy players whether he wants to or not, the Glazers would not be happy and would possibly try to get rid of him, but fans aroung the world would ensure he stayed and they went.
      So not having any money to buy players won't be an excuse, even if he later tells us that was the case.