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    Is it time for Sir Alex to go ? will he still be manager next season. Think before you shout

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    • A lot will depend on this new lad Diouf.
      A few years ago Fergie decided to change the way Utd play, from the more explosive attacking style to a more controlled Barca-like style, it helps the team to keep possesion of the ball, but thats the only real positive, It allows opponents to get players back and therefore stiffles our attacking ability, when we had Ronaldo he had the ability to open up defences, so far this season we have struggled to do that, maybe Diouf is the key to Fergies plan, but if not then he either needs to accept he does not have the quality of players to play that way or he needs to step down and hopefully we could get Mourinho to come in and take us forward.
      Mourinho has said he is going come back to the prem next season and there is only really one team he would want to manage, maybe the deal has already been done.

    • What a stupid bloody question.

    • Thank you all for all your input to this question. Nice to see that everyone respects what SAF has done in his riegn in charge of our team and that most of us realise his time in charge can not go on forever but the man to take over the running of the club when he steps down seems to be to painful for some to invisage.
      good luck to you all and best wishes to the team

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      • The question is not broad enough to give a black or white yes or no because of who we are talking about.SAF has produced so many new squads during his time at United and all of them have been winners and during each transition there have been blips on the field and with signings.I don't doubt that whoever takes the job after SAF it would be the hardest job in football because so many now forget that we were a cup team at best for 26 years before we won the PL so it is eassy for them to target SAF for what has been a stop start season.The other thing people have missed is that every team has lost or drawn games that they would normally win so results have been odd for all of the so called big 4 teams.

        Three PL's on the trot and still in with a shout my choice is to stay with the main man SAF but I would like a more active number two as I don't think Phelan is a good AM but he is a great coach.I hope that whoever takes over is given the right amount of time by the fans and remember who ever it is they have a no win job because everyone will be compared with SAF just like everyone was compared to Sir Matt and only SAF could handle that kind of pressure so it will take a strong man to take over with that round their neck.

    • We need a decent number two. We've had Kiddo, McClaren and Queiroz but now we have Phelan - think that says it all. Phelan's been here for years so must be deferential to Fergie and probably doesn't challenge him enough whereas the others were outsiders and not so brow-beaten.

      Yeh, we're having a troubled season, but so are others. Just one of those things that come in cycles.

      Fergie will go at end of 2010-11, I bet.

    • So top players retire like G.Neville,why not Fergie....Yes time to go.....!
      We all new we had a weak midfield but he would'nt listen now the cracks are showing...!

    • yes i do beleive it is time for alaex ferguson to go. as a staunch utd fan it hurts me to say it but i say it for 2 reasons. the first is the glazers, and the huge debt they have incurred on this great club, the 80million utd got for ronaldo is no where to be seen and after five league defeats plus the defeat to leeds on previous seasons alex ferguson would have identified the problems with the current team and splashed out the 80million and rectifed them, forget about the injuries althought granted the defence has been decimated but players like neville, scholes, giggs are bit part players and ferguson should have addressed the problem.the other is the football world has changed and althought utd are still the biggest name they are falling down the pecking order in the transfer market not just do we have to compete with the real madrid, barcelona,and the two milans but chelsea and man city have entered the scene and we are now finding it difficult to compete with the transfer fee and the wages. the current team are just not up to the standards of previous teams when we had bruce, pallister, keane,ince, cantona all leaders in there own right and fantastic players who wore the red shirt with pride.i hope we do win the league this season and ferguson retires as a winner who overtook the scouse in league titles, if not i fear to more and more utd fans and the media will be calling father time on the manager.

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      • I wouldn't start calling for Fergie's head just yet, but seriously our perfeormances have dipped from last season, and Fergie's team selection and tactics have been highly questionable on many occasions and he's starting to get found out more often. Besides, his recent comment about Owen and Rooney had me scratching my head. That was pretty strange since i recall those 2 players made a great partnership for England(When Owen was still in their squad). I'm also pissed that he's failed to recognise that there are weaknesses within the squad that are so apparent to everyone and that we urgently need new blood right now. In addition he seems to have lost the ability to motivate the players, and it appears that they're beginning to lose confidence in him-that is, if rumours about Vidic and Foster having rows with him are to be believed. As for the Ronaldo issue, well, it was the player's wish to leave, hence it became inevitable that has was gonna leave. My real beef is that we didn't sign enough quality replacements to compensate for his departure (as well as that of Tevez's) Still, i'd prefer to give Fergie the benefit og the doubt. I believe he should be given until the end of this season, or next, to turn things around for us and to redeem himself, as i personally don't suscribe to the idea of sacking managers when the season is still under way(unless they're guilty of serious misconduct or misdemeanour). If he continues with all this crap and we finsh without a gong then it's time to say bye-bye to him.

    • So what are you waffling about Yelena Gen....you have just proved my point,and whose insulting who than.
      I gave my opinion & was questioned on it that's fine.
      The implication of fickle was toward's me for implying A.F should retire soon....so..that's my opinion.
      Like it or dont i dont really give a f**k...!

    • So what car has he got?

    • Is,nt it time he snuffed it ?

    • Of course your allowed to criticise the manager and his decisions, not everything is rosy at the moment, I appreciate that, and yes Fergie is getting on a bit.

      But the question is has he lost his ability to do the job?

      3 titles and 2 European cup finals in the last 3 years says he is.

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