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    score and we wont lose

    we have lost 7 times in all competitions thus far, and everytime we have failed to find the net, so we have to stop the rot of not scoring in games, then we might lose so much.

    if only it was that simple eh guys

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    • Football is a very simple game, people try to make out its 'complicated' to justify their own inflated salaries and egos ( ie coaches with tactics and formations).
      Its about scoring more goals than the opposition. And if you don't score one goal in a game, its likely you wont get very much from the game.
      Currently United's forward line is weaker than its been for years. In big, tight games they find it very hard to score, now that problem has started to show consistently in games with mediocre opposition that scrap hard.
      I am certain a top top centre forward is required, and recently its become clear that another top class wide man is also needed. If United threaten more like they used to , the rest of the team has less pressure and apparent 'deficiencies' there go away.
      Problem is, to solve this well, is going to cost a packet. Otherwise its a case of 'making do' which will continue to produce inconsistency of results.

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      • Life is a very simple thing, people try to make out its 'complicated' to justify their own inflated salaries and egos.

        It's so easy, you just go out, be socially active, get a good education, then get a good job where you don't have to work that much but get paid very well, find a gorgous wife, explain to her that you also want other f uckbuddies but you only love her, find the most funny and loyal friends there are and bang there ya go, you're happy.

        So how come not everyone has all of this? How come not all the football clubs are successful?

        The question is always how you achieve something and there are almost / probably infinite possibilities and ways leading to achievement. It's all about choice and balance, which are very complicated things indeed.

        Sometimes you don't score enough because your defence is not solid enough and sometimes you concede too many because you're not threatening enough up front.

        I'm also in favour of another top-class wide man and maybe also a centre forward (depends on how much of an impact Diouf and the other young lads will have), I'm just saying that things are not that easy, you can't just somehow score more than the opposition, you need a plan, a strategy, a tactic, a philosophy, stability, team spirit, complementation etc.

    • Hi,Lynden just to imform you the last time Birmingham lost a game in the Premier League was 17th oct to Arsenal and have had good results against Chelsea, Man City, & Liverpool they will be no push overs.

    • well, put it this way. all-out attack on the opposition is the best form defence, but not too sure if same tactics will work for you lot, especially with berbatov forever in his toothless mode. the lazy bulgarian bast@rd has refused to score unless rooney hands it to him on a silver platter.

    • It actually is that simple, the Utd way for years was to have the attitude that 'you might score against us, but we will score more' and it worked, and was far better to watch.