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  • Haggis Heed Haggis Heed Jan 10, 2010 02:14 Flag

    pmsl @ fake lynden

    Sorry to break this bad news to you Lynda, but I'll tell you this straight, that other profile hasn't got anything to do with me!

    At the time all that was going on I was out with friends, like I'm away out again very soon, infact I'm usually out on a friday & saturday night, it's called having a real social life, perhaps you may get one of these yourself, one day instead of sitting infront of the computer 24/7?

    I can guarentee that other profile is not my doing, and it's obviously been set up by someone who uses these boards who knew that you'd blame me straight away, perhaps you should get your facts right before accusing me of doing it.

    Infact, when I think of it, the chances are, you've probably made it yourself, just so you can make it appear that someone is copying you, to try and generate sympathy towards yourself, but face it, most of your fellow manUre supporters on here think you're a complete plank at the best of times.

    Perhaps you've created that other profile because you're attention seeking again like you normally do? But then again, I'm giving you far too much credit here, that's really a bit too clever, even for you to have thought up and come up with all on your own. ;o)

    Reading it though, I really can't tell the difference between them and you, they've got your style mastered perfectly, infact, they make more sense than you actually do.

    For the record though Lynda, I find it quite hilarious! ;o)

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    • i have to laugh as i never said who it was, lmao someone has a guilty mind.
      btw, if your social life is so god, how comes you have posted more in the last week than i have, and you call me 24/7, your just as affluent on here than anyone else.
      dont throw stones at glass houses eh chief.

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      • Lynda: "i have to laugh as i never said who it was, lmao someone has a guilty mind"

        Then, you say this to Clive? "let a psychiatrist sort out his ocd, maybe he will put all the pieces back together (thats a clue to who it is)"

        Now come on Lynda, it's pretty obvious you're just as good as naming me there, it's not the first time you've made reference to "pieces" and "jigsaws" before.

        You might think you're being clever doing that, I think it looks what it is, pathetic! If you think it's me, then hey, that's fair enough, please continue to think that, prattle on a bit more and make yourself look daft.

        Lynda, Lynda, Lynda, come on, let's put it this way, I don't spend hours on here like you do, I pop in, wind you up a little bit and then go off again! You do spend most of your evenings on here talking rubbish, you only have to go into your message history to see that.

        Didn't know my social life, girlfriend, friends and the rest of the Newcastle population interested you so much, yet you claim anyone who comments about your personal life is obsessed with you, surely that works both ways then, going by your logic?

        You appear to have geordie envy if anything, and by the way, just for the record, I'm neither fat nor drink brown ale, not that anyone is actually bothered on here, it's only you that gets ever so touchy over everything! ;o) Hehehehe

        Now, no getting your knickers in a knot or peeing your pants because you're excited that I've posted, Lynda!

    • did you tell all your mates about us, being as the gf knows you may as well come out and tell them, all those small brained geordies will laugh whilst suping newcie brown with their beer bellies swelling like their whore partners, it was probably like a fat club convention big belly laugh.