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  • stuart d stuart d Jan 10, 2010 05:01 Flag

    FERGIE OUT!!!!!

    Season ticket holder for 18 years and a member for 10 years before that. I have seen good and bad times at United, I remember Mark Robins saving Fergusons skin at Forest in 1990,and the unbelieveable run we've enjoyed since.

    However, every mans time comes to an end in this game, and Fergusons has gone.

    Tactically inept, unsure of his best 11, unwilling to spend money to improve the squad insisting that this squad is as good as the one we had in the past 3 years, when in truth, it's the worst we have seen for 25 years.

    Ferguson needs to go, bring in a good tactical manager, Mourinho, Blanc, MO'N.

    He'sthe greatest manager who ever lived, but he's lost that magic touch.

    Get rid now.

    FERGIE OUT!!!!!!!!!

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    • what a joker, fergie out???? how many times have we heard that from a minority of stupid ''united fans''

      why dont you stick to what you know best???? probably f*ck all

      come on the reds

    • Considering all of the major injuries in key positions and the loss of 2/3 of their goal scoring abilities (the gifted one & Tevez), I think this year is turning out to be as well as expected.

      Fregie and we fans are spoiled and expect a 3-nil victory every week. It hurts when reality sets in (and even more when reality wears Blue!),

      The biggest mistake MU made this summer was letting Tevez go - he was a great goal creator and a hard worker, especially when compated to the lazy russian. No tears to be Berbatov go in the spring - but need to keep Fregie until the team is reset for another run at the cup.

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      • I honestly don't think we made a mistake letting Tevez go. Tevez went to City clearly for the dosh. He was already bleating non-stop to the meejah about about how United disrespected him AT LEAST 2 months BEFORE he finally left us, and continued to do so after that. That sh!tty Kia Jooranc**t and his mob had already done a deal with City way 1 year back. Plus Tevez even claimed he knew his United career was over the moment Berbatov arrived. He was practically blaming Berbatov for his situation, which is very uncool and unclassy. I think the real mistake United made was not buying enough quality replacements to make up for the loss of him(Tevez) and Ronaldo(although Valencia is doing a pretty good job now!!). We should've tried harder to sign Benzema when we had the chance and not pulled out of signing Ljajic.

        I wouldn't call Berbatov 'lazy'. He's just too languid, that's all. And BTW, he's Bulgarian, not Russian.

    • You're a cunt nutcase, you talk like one, act like one, and probably smell like one.

      I'm entitled to any opinion I choose, I don't need your permission.

    • Butch, unlike you I don't need many id's because unlike you I make sense and also I am not a plastic.Tell us all just why should SAF be saked because after all we are second in the PL and still in the CL so other than the Leeds result just why do you think SAF should go.I don't care if you think I am a cunt because I know cunts are useful unlike yourself.

      You won't bully me little boy and if you think by calling me names will make me want to hide think again even if and it is a big if you chinned Boywer I still won't hide from you or anyone else on this board you sad little man.

    • * User Christopher t was added to your ignore list.

      Been to the Metro lately Pixie?

      You know the one, it's right next to Holloway tube, on the corner, the one with the side entrance.

    • Is Butch the professional player beater upper STILL spouting his brand of SERIOUS BULL then?

      Liking the ID son!

      What Silly Christopher has Multiple ID's?

      Surely not!

    • Oh your something else plastic fantastic Butch. Will you be our manager as you are so great a human being and we all wish we were you and were big and strong and could beat up Lee Bowyer just like you did and you could see Ferguson needed sacking the moment we lost one game oh gosh i want your babies now.

    • Hahahaha!!! CHRISTOPHER (aka The Legend).

      FICKLE!!! .......FIRST SIGHT OF TROUBLE AND "FERGIE OUT!!!" ....hahahaha!!!

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      • I have no idea what your on about but this is not the first sign of trouble.

        Ferguson without a number 2 who has a good tactical knowledge of the game is useless.

        It is now 100 games since United last fielded the same side in consecutive games.

        Rotation does not work, 4-5-1 does not work, giving debut'sto young strikers with 7 minutes laft and the score at 1-1 doe snot work.

        Truth is since 2008 when Queiroz left this team has been on the decline, Ronaldo carried us last season mainly because the team was disjointed around him,players like Rooney forced to play out of position to accomodate him.

        Then Ronaldo's gone, and Ferguson brings in nobody to shore up the squad. You cannot lose the best player in the world and just do nothing. You need to bring in 2 quality players at least to make up for what was lost.

        I'be been around since long before our recent success, and unlike the clingers on fans we adopted during the late 90's I'm able to see that Ferguson is dragging this team into the mire, just as Clough did at forest.

        It is time for change.