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  • D T D T Jan 10, 2010 23:26 Flag

    FERGIE OUT!!!!!

    Considering all of the major injuries in key positions and the loss of 2/3 of their goal scoring abilities (the gifted one & Tevez), I think this year is turning out to be as well as expected.

    Fregie and we fans are spoiled and expect a 3-nil victory every week. It hurts when reality sets in (and even more when reality wears Blue!),

    The biggest mistake MU made this summer was letting Tevez go - he was a great goal creator and a hard worker, especially when compated to the lazy russian. No tears to be Berbatov go in the spring - but need to keep Fregie until the team is reset for another run at the cup.

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    • I honestly don't think we made a mistake letting Tevez go. Tevez went to City clearly for the dosh. He was already bleating non-stop to the meejah about about how United disrespected him AT LEAST 2 months BEFORE he finally left us, and continued to do so after that. That sh!tty Kia Jooranc**t and his mob had already done a deal with City way 1 year back. Plus Tevez even claimed he knew his United career was over the moment Berbatov arrived. He was practically blaming Berbatov for his situation, which is very uncool and unclassy. I think the real mistake United made was not buying enough quality replacements to make up for the loss of him(Tevez) and Ronaldo(although Valencia is doing a pretty good job now!!). We should've tried harder to sign Benzema when we had the chance and not pulled out of signing Ljajic.

      I wouldn't call Berbatov 'lazy'. He's just too languid, that's all. And BTW, he's Bulgarian, not Russian.