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  • Clive Clive Jan 14, 2010 23:07 Flag

    If we sell Rooney

    If Utd sold Rooney it would be 'Game Over', Utd would slip down the table and would struggle to get a decent manager to come in and replace Fergie when he decides to retire.
    We are already struggling as it is with the lack of quality we have right now, so selling the best forward in the league would not exactly help us to be a better team; even with this rumour Utd fans need to start demanding the Glazers sell Utd or that they cover the debt they have caused.
    Over the next few seasons the next ten years will be decided, history shows that when a team has dominated for so long any demise will be a long and difficult one, look at Utd after Busby, look at Liverpool.
    Fergies unwillingness to go into the transfer market is a sign of the troubles we face, in previous years he did hesitate to bring new players in, even if sometimes he brought in the wrong players.

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