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  • lex lex Jan 15, 2010 09:45 Flag

    If we sell Rooney

    Carl P
    Not 1 person said Sir Alex Lied
    All Football fans DREAD happeninmg to their clubs what has happend to United
    Martin Edwards HAS to share the blame he knew these yanks were potless and had not got the cash to buy his shares and the club
    Listening to some economist on sky over breakfast was not plesant 1.2 billion in debt by 2017 if nothing is done and the new bonds are going down like a lead ballon but they are only putting off the debt
    The folk who wore black at the 2005 fa cup final and then went and formed their own team were right and should have been backed better but its all ok in hindsight
    oh and BTW the referees Association dont EMPLOY Sir Alex and he wants another couple of years i think