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  • It should not have been given, I think the media and non abu fans are in agreement with that,
    Hell even a couple of my city mates rang last night and said it was not a penalty and we didnt deserve to lose, but they still took the pee, as i would have.
    Back to the incident it should not have been given as their was no 2nd tug on the shirt, bellamy just lost his balance, but even if their was a 2nd tug, in playing an advantage, if the team fails to gain from playing on, then the play is brought back to the original foul, which as we all know now, was outside the area, so Dean got it wrong twice, and hope he is demoted to a championship game for getting a big call wrong twice.
    Hopefully we will get the dubious rewards next week if we require it.

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    • Agreed it was no way a penalty. But I thought it was before the replay. You out played them. The difference was in the finishing.

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      • No, the difference was the ref!

        First goal, not a penalty, end of.

        Second goal, not a corner, another shocker!

        Bad defending and a keeping error did play its part in the 2nd goal I'll grant you!

        Once again, Tevez is made to look good, but the reality was he ran around like a headless chicken again!

        Its OK though, it was inevitable that this was gonna happen sooner or later, so now Carlos has got this out of the way he can concentrate on playing for Citeh...hahaha, I can barely keep a straight face writing that, what a mug (not that you ABU's would have a clue what Im talking about)!

        'Whos that TW@T from Argentina'....

    • What I saw was Bellamy skin curly boy and run into the box with a great scoring opportunity. Curly boy tried to pull back Bellamy outside the box and failed. He had another go inside the box - he was plainly trying to foul Bellamy. Bellamy went down and the ref gave a penalty.

      If Bellamy went down well inside the area as a result of the the deliberate foul attempts then a penalty would seem fair enough. The yellow card was also fair enough. Curly knew he was beaten and was simply trying to stop Bellamy by fouling.

      All you United fans might like to go and re-watch the two penalty incidents in your match against Arsenal before whingeing about this. You might also reflect that Curly needs to develop his referee awareness if he is to commit such blatant deliberate fouls and get away with it.


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      • Well Robert, I guess you're right, but Bellamy is much smaller than your boy Drogba, but boy does that big guy drop like a sack of potatoes when you "tug" at his shirt. And speaking of tugging at the shirt, isn't that how Terry got his goal earlier this year against United????? And wait, who did that??? Can't remember........

      • "What I saw was .."

        No-one gives a fuck what you saw, or what you have to say, you've proved to be a prick so many times it's become boring.

        I've got the game on an HDD and I've cut out the penalty part and posted it on YouTube.

        NOTHING happened inside the penalty area, and Bellamy's slip had nothing to do with the shirt tug.

        It shows where you're coming from when you look at the Chelsea board, people there try to talk football and you're nowhere to be seen, all you want to do is wander round the other boards and talk bullshit.


    • He was not sent off, so stop whinging.

    • It is one of those things - it's called highway robbery. Thankfully, there's a second leg for us to set things right.

    • Your red nosed manager has already said today that it's just one of those things, if he can accept that you win as many bad decisions as you lose in a season then why can't you?
      Going on about it isn't going to make a blind bit of difference so stop whinging like a girl.