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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Jan 20, 2010 21:59 Flag

    The penalty incident

    Agreed it was no way a penalty. But I thought it was before the replay. You out played them. The difference was in the finishing.

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    • No, the difference was the ref!

      First goal, not a penalty, end of.

      Second goal, not a corner, another shocker!

      Bad defending and a keeping error did play its part in the 2nd goal I'll grant you!

      Once again, Tevez is made to look good, but the reality was he ran around like a headless chicken again!

      Its OK though, it was inevitable that this was gonna happen sooner or later, so now Carlos has got this out of the way he can concentrate on playing for Citeh...hahaha, I can barely keep a straight face writing that, what a mug (not that you ABU's would have a clue what Im talking about)!

      'Whos that TW@T from Argentina'....