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  • Well when the Qatar sheikh buys out the Glazers, no debts, unlimited finance. I can see us buying Messi, Torres , and a few others slayer. Great days eh ?

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    • Just a matter of time..they'll be queueing up for United....the cream of clubs....no one else is near...mabey Celtic...!

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      • Whatever it is I just want the Glazers out. How someone can just use loans to buy a club and put the loans as debt into the club beats me. Platini and the F.A. should look at this first before kicking out teams with debt. If we get bought over by arabs I'm afraid we'll lose out soul. Before the glazers came we were generating good money to buy some world class talent. I just don't want us to be another Man City and Chelsea. Using 100s of millions to buy a title. At least Chelsea are more sensible now.

        The thing with the arabs is that they don't have much patience. They'll buy lots of talent and change managers like they change their underwear. "Financial Doping" like Arsene said is a huge problem and needs to be thrown out of the game.

        I hope he's buying us to help us out and because he loves the club. I know Football is now all about business which to me seems sad. If he buys us and doesn't meddle too much then I'd be happy.