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  • Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jan 24, 2010 23:35 Flag

    716 million

    i'd like to add something else well. I think they used borrowed money to do what they they did. Transferred all the debt to the club and they probably predicted that someone else would wanna buy United so that they could make a huge profit without having to spend much(in comparison to the actual buying of the club) I mean they're americans who don't really know much about football or soccer as them yanks call it. So I don't see why they should care about the state of the club. They're businessmen and money is all they want.

    There is a slight problem to their plan. Why would an interested buyer wanna clear the previous owners debt? They'd have to be filthy rich to wanna do that. Even if I had the money I'd want the debt to be payed off before buying it. Will the Glazers use their own money to pay it off? Nah I don't think so.