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    • Chris, I don't want this to degenerate into a personal slanging match, but as you claim to go to every away game you must be aware that you are standing/sitting with many FC fans?

      The Eric argument is also incorrect - 72% of OT season ticket holders are from the north-west, so the local support is crucial.

      A boycott is the ONLY thing that would force the Glazers to sell.

    • Arsenal paid off well over 100 million pounds of debt recently. We are heading for no debt at all.
      While the Glaziers want to saddle you with 1 billion plus debt. I just don't know how such a debt can be serviced. I don't it can.
      Any thoughts?

    • The only thing we can do is protest and hope that the blood sucking yanks f off ,I cant see a boycott happening !


      Green and Gold until we are sold

    • I love watching you FC c*nts squirm, hilarious!

      You treacherous scum must really feel pretty stupid now, and bloody insignificant!

      The boycott is fantasy, as Eric points out, too many foreigners at OT.

      We've got to get behind the G&G campaign, its the only productive solution, getting behind the team, not turning our backs on them and starting our own precious little side.

    • Can't see a boycott happening anyway. There will always be someone wanting a ticket, regardless. The number of foreign visitors to OT is amazing; they'll just come in increasing numbers.

      A boycott of next year's season tickets might work, but as people have paid for this seasons, most of the money is in.

    • MUST have been in contact with Fergie in order to promise that they will not support any sort of boycott that damages the club financially. Many other groups argue that a boycott is the only way to get rid of the Glazers. MUST have been very hypocritical in their stance, and, in fact, they organised a function at OT last year with money actually going into the Glazers pockets. Now they are raking it in with the tokenistic gesture of Green and Gold scarves. MUST have become part of the problem, not part of the solution. The only effective solution is a boycott, which is why Fergie, Gill, and the Glazers are not in the slightest bit perturbed by the G & G campaign at all, as long as they keep getting their £100+ M matchday revenue, the Gimps will definitely stay on.

    • None of you understand lean times are ahead while the 17.5% debt is paid off. These are businessmen aren't fools. Red and white or green and yellow it's irrelevant you pay their mortgage off or your club is fuc£ed.

    • Any sensible business would see rescheduling the debt paying 17.5% interest as the priority. Otherwise as the article says there will be another 500 million plus owed by 2017. So a grand total of over 1 billion debt in seven years time. But give it a few weeks and the threads here will be suggesting new big name signings to increase the debts further. It will all end in tears.

    • Very good post Chris, and one I agree with entirely.

    • 'The Newton Heath thing will be ineffective'....MUST have already reached 50,000, thats what, 45,000 more than FC have, and we've only just got started.

      Whilst you morons have achieved nothing more than taking fans away from the team (and have been an abject failure on behalf of 'big United'), the green and gold campaign goes from strength to strength, ('coincidentally') coinciding with Uniteds team performances....

      6 wins out of 7 since the campaign started, including a draw away at Villa with 10 men, and a fantastic win away at Francenal...face it, it grates you to know that this has wiped your turncoat efforts off the map!

      The atmosphere at Old Trafford is considered by most to be better than it has in a long, long time, and most importantly, instead of walking away from the club, the fans in this campaign are behind Fergie and the TEAM....something completely lost on egomaniacs like you.


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