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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Jan 22, 2010 22:11 Flag

    Uefa - CL ban for 'Debt-ridden clubs'

    Arsenal have the third highest debt in the Premiership, but that is totally Stadium related debt. But that debt does reduce possible spending on players transfer fees and wages.

    In the short term splashing the cash won Blackburn the league and Chelsea a few trophies, but even Abramovich has limits to his spending.

    Liverpool tried to compete without decent ticket revenue. They have no more right to a top four position than Tottenham, Villa, Everton or City. A new stadium is a must for their long term success.

    Utd had the perfect formula, top manager, excellent youth policy, the highest revenue, top capacity, massive brand success, and twenty years success on the pitch. It made all other football fans sick. Then came the Glaziers and we all have hope.

    You sold Ronaldo and let Tevez go and debt rose to its highest ever. The only answer is the Glaziers finding a buyer.

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