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  • Clive Clive Jan 24, 2010 05:48 Flag

    Getting the Glazers out!!

    Although it was good to see fans come out against them, it will not have any impact at all.
    Fans of Tampa Bay Buccaneers have continued for years to make it clear they want the Glazers out, those who sold Utd to them knew that.
    They don't care whether they are loved or hated by the fans, they care about making money and so they will stay put so long as fans are buying tickets and merchandise, beacuse the money is coming in.
    Stop the money and they will get out, you can put yourself first or Utd first.
    Many people will say ' I have a season ticket' and ' 'the players need support', that is putting yourself first, if the Glazers stay for many years to come Utd could be in a lower league by the time they leave, the debt they put on Utd will have a massive impact on paying top players we already have, buying any top players, keeping our stadium, out training ground and keeping our best players; we can see what is happening to Postsmouth and they don't have anywhere near as many problems with debt as we have and their players wages in total would be less than that of the top 5 Utd players wages in total and yet they can't pay their players.
    A few months ago those on M.O.T.D were saying they belive one of the big clubs in the prem will go into administration very soon; The Glazers have put Utd in a very dodgy position and made us the first of the big clubs to look as if that could happen.
    We can act now or moan about it years after Utd have been destoyed by crippling debt the nasty, greedy Americans and the greedy ones who sold to them, knowing what they would do.

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    • Is it not time all this silly bickering came to an end and the board was allowed to return to what it was designed for,talking football.
      It is bad enough putting up with all the wind up merchants without so called united fans constantly playing silly games.

    • Firstly Lynden, I take a photo and that is sad, you take lots of photos and thats good, you keep creating your own rules all the time, I never asked you about the fire bucket in that hotel, I asked you about the hotel you were in a year ago.
      Secondly, why have you not bothered to respond to the message I left in your OMG Clive thread, the responce to your rant earlier on today?

    • i wouldnt know actually clive as i have never stayed there, i used to stay at the trafford hotel in talbot road but we rarely stay up there nowadays but it was just funny to see your reply, you took a photo of the view which is very sad but you cant remember the layout, this coupled with when i asked you what sir matt busby way was formally, where the souvenir shop used to be etc etc, and your answers back then were you dont remember as you was a kid and you never visited the shop or looked at road names, pmsl and you call me a plastic, i have photos from 84 to today of some visits i have made to ot, memories, have photos of myself with bryan robson, jesper olsen, gordon srachan, ralph milne (oops) becks, neville, blackmore cantona giggs keane etc etc, and you have the premier inn that you dont know the layout of and cant recall the old site of the souvey shop or the fact busby way was called warwick road, which was written on the match tickets back then, warwick road north, as so called, as a kid, you take everything in, you just dream about debts.
      get a life you numpty and admit your not a regular supporter, just an armchair plastic.

    • Well, i gave my season ticket up once the Goblins first arrived. I hated having to do it, but i wasn't sorry I did it' and I'm still not. What about the rest of you? This is the sort of action that it's going to take to shift them, not pointless chanting at matches.The man's right, either stop the cashflow, or stop complaining! Think about the future, while we still have one!

    • You are funny lynden, I have been in a number of hotels over the past few years and unlike you I don't keep a detailed scrapbook so I can boast to people about where and when, I go, I enjoy and then on to the next thing, I don't keep ticket stubs, I don't live Utd.
      Can you tell me where the fire bucket was in a hotel you were in over a year ago? You probably could, couldn't you?

    • "And maybe you should apologisee to me for accusing me of calling devon an idiot."


      You call Devon an idiot, then demand an apology when it turns out you were the idiot all along.

    • nice try but i meant answer this, which you have so far failed to reply to yet replied to every other post
      "you took a picture of a hotel the last time you went to ot, what did they not allow you to take pics in and around the ground, or was this googled, mmmmm, lets see, i have stayed there, have checked websites and the info is not their on these 2 questions so we shall see if your telling the truth or not

      if your standing facing reception, to what side is the lifts and to what side is the staircase, and in fact, do you have to go through any doors to access them,
      should be interesting and like i said google and the premier inn does not show this info, so hurry, im waiting

    • You really are a hypocrite lynden, accept it's their opinion, you never have done that with my posts that you disagree with, you just have a dig after a dig, don't you.
      Devons post said my suggestion would make the Glazers look to sell our best players, they did sell Roanldo didn't they?
      He said it would make them consider selling off Utd's assets, is not the bonds deal tied up with Utd's assets being the security of the bonds?
      And he said they would not be able to easily sell Utd, well they sold Ronaldo to make the books look better in order to make Utd look better for those he wants to buy the bonds.
      See I did see his points, but unlike he and you I also saw they were already doing what he said they would do, but you were still incapable of seeing any of that, your always incapable of seeing the points.
      You really are a moron, a liar, a fake, a wind-up merchant, a sick-twisted little man, truly.

    • Pugface, look at the above reply, the one below your last post, that was my responce to the stupid remarks you made.
      Is this another one of the cowards IDs?

    • when you going to reply to my question?

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