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  • LEX LEX Jan 24, 2010 10:27 Flag

    Getting the Glazers out!!

    I Have just read that the bond issue has cost Man U 54 MILLION QUID !!!!
    Its these YANKS that Brought the DEBT with the full knowledge of the EDWARDS FAMILY (MARTIN)
    like the Browns at west Ham and the Moores at Liverpool it seems they did not give a toss about where the funds came from so long as they got their cut

    Looking at thinks in the current light I can only thank god Hill-Wood is very very Conservative and old fashioned and does seem to at least on the face of things care what will happen to Arsenal once he is gone
    Ok we might not have won sod all for four years but it seems we can at least sleep easy in our beds not having to worry about debt of the rich sugar daddy getting fed up ect

    I just think the FIT and Proper Test is NOT WORKING and feel sorry for any football fan going through hell cos their club has been mismanaged look at the poor sods at pompey they cant even get a straight question on who owns their club answered

    But at the End of the day what can we as fans do ok stop buying merchandise but unles we cut our noses off to spit our faces we wont stop going to matches cos at the end of the day we are fans of the TEAM not the owners but I can see what the guy was getting at cutting off some of the money supply