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  • leonmathilda leonmathilda Jan 24, 2010 20:52 Flag

    rooney will be poty

    "the award is judged over the majority of a season, not the last 2 months"

    Yeah, I know, but I reckon it continues till April, so it is still too early to tell.

    Rooney scored some goals early in the season, then quiet a bit, then recently scored again.

    Fabregas has been on and off mostly due to injury, but when he is not injured, everyone can see his influence to Arsenal.

    Tevez got a slow start due to pre-season injury, as well as joining a new club. So we have to take that into account as Rooney and Fabregas are playing with the same clubs for some time now. But Tevez has surged so fast that catch the eyes of everyone. If he can continue with the form like that, it will be some thing to watch and could take the eyes of others from Rooney or Fabregas.

    So, it is hard to tell now. Don't forget but I think you realise, POTY is chosen by professional footballers by votes. The one who catch their eyes most will be the winner.

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