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  • andyhiggy26 andyhiggy26 Jan 26, 2010 23:14 Flag

    neville v tevez

    What does he expect tevez to do, he talks crap when you paid 30million for lazy berbatov, i'd have tevez in my team anyday

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    • There is no way that Tevez is worth a fee of £45 million and £170,000 a week. Utd already have a player who can do what Tevez does - and that`s Rooney. So as I said on another thread its not is Tevez worth more than Berbatov but is he worth more than Rooney - and the answer to that is a resounding no. Besides there are things on the pitch that Berbatov can do that Tevez in a million years couldn`t do - as utd`s fourth goal against hull shows. Few players could have brought that high ball down fully under control and close to their body and then instantly lob in to Rooney`s path. Berbatov may not run around the pitch enough for some utd supporters but his technique and vision are of the highest quality.