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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Jan 27, 2010 16:16 Flag

    utd`s team of the future

    Yep the truth is your youth development looks strong. Blackburn top your youth league though don't they?

    Arsenal youth way clear in our league, again.

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    • Well , at least you might win something this season slayer

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      • I`d rather utd kept on being successful with the 1st team than succeed at reserve level. Of course its nice when the youngsters win trophies but at their age its more about learning from the games they take part in. Besides some of the players I mentioned are not yet part of the reserves because they are too young - Pogba and Morrison for example are still only 16 and play for the academy. Also a number of players like Cleverley and now Welbeck are out on loan. Finally success at youth level doesn`t guarantee success in the 1st team. A few years ago utd`s youngsters made a clean sweep of the tropheis on offer at reserve level - including beating charlton in the playoff between the northern and southern reserve leagues - yet of those players involved only Gibson is still at OT. Some like McShane are playing in the premiership or like Rossi overseas whilst others are in the lower divisions. On the other hand the likes of Fabio ands Rafael have been part of less successful reserve teams and have gone on to become regular members of the 1st team squad.