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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Jan 29, 2010 20:34 Flag

    Please behave when you come to the capital

    Call me old fashioned, but I like people having at least a loose connection with the local area of the team they support. The other supporters are welcome to support whoever they like, but its not quite the same to me.

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    • It comes with success, not to mention an affinity with certain players, hence why you have such a massive fan base in Africa, and the Dippers do in Spain.

      Ever since I left Manchester I have been amazed by the hypocrisy of Francenal and Liverpool fans, as the majority of them dont come from the area of the clubs they support, and theres as many of them as United fans in every town!

      Look at your board for f*cks sake, total hypocrisy, theres way more mancunians here.

    • So whereabouts in London do you live 'andy' ?

    • this has to be one of the more pathetic threads of the day starting with bringing thuggery to london....can someone remind me where millwall is? And if anyone tries to tell me that chelsea fans are any better perhaps one of them can explain why their fans took shotguns and other weapons to the royal thorn after a match at old trafford? then tell me which premier club gets all its support from a 10 mile radius...think if that was enforced there would be official receivers checking the assets of most clubs in no time, I've seen city fans poring in from stockport, ashton and beyond and on the m6 on home match days similar instances for bolton fans even wolves ...so just about everyone has fans outside the locality
      S that leaves every club has its thugs every club has its long distance fan, so just wheres the mileage in this thread, therefore stop looking total numpties by picking this broken stick to hit us with