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  • Layla Layla Feb 3, 2010 04:47 Flag

    Should John Terry Step Down from the England Captaincy?

    JT should stay captain, he is a great captain & player.

    this scandal has nothing to do with football.

    plenty of players cheat etc.

    rooney is too hot headed to be captain. last thing we need is our captain getting sent off.

    also rooney was involved in the paying for sex with an OAP scandal a while back. so how is that any better or worse than what JT has done.

    gerrard has been caught assulting people.

    druggie rio missed a drugs test.

    half the team have done something wrong away from football.

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    • You can`t compare the behaviour of a teenager - which Rooney was at the time of that scandal - with that of a man in his late 20s who is married and has kids. Immature teenagers make mistakes, men in their late 20s are suppose to have learnt from them. By all accounts Terry has a long history of cheating on his wife and instead of learning from the heartache he must have caused her he goes one step further and cheats on her with the wife of his best mate. No-one is saying that he`s the only footballer to have cheated on his missus but so far he appears to be the only one who has cheated with best mate`s missus. Teammates don`t have to like each other - apparently Cole and Sheringham couldn`t stand each other off the pitch - but it helps if they respect each other. By cheating with the partner of his best mate Terry will have lost a lot of respect within the England squad and that is why he should be replaced as captain.