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  • Layla Layla Feb 3, 2010 21:04 Flag

    Should John Terry Step Down from the England Captaincy?

    u cant excuse paying for sex with age.
    plenty of teenagers dont pay for sex.

    admit it, u are just being biased.

    at least im objective.

    rooney is no role model-
    paying for sex scandal
    red cards
    violent conduct
    regularly verbally abuses refs which u could say is bullying.

    at least JT didnt pay for it.

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    • spurs baby
      oh whoopie do paying for sex is a big no no ???
      what persentage of women do you think have sex for reward?
      that go with a fella for his flash car and buys you things
      that cut of sex until they get something they want ?
      that make themselves available for the price of a few drinks?
      did Rooney troll the street annoying innocent byestanders for sex, NO he got it elsewhere a damn sight less sordid than some of the examples I have mentioned prior

    • "at least im objective."

      Well no. You're applying a whole lot of subjective value judgements. As are most here. There's no such thing as objective when it comes to judging sex scandals.

      Which isn't to defend JT, or otherwise.


    • He's paying for it now.

    • I think your missing the point

      Players f*ck up, they aren't angels and most of them make mistakes in their private lives. For me unless its a criminal offence it should stay their private lives.
      This however is different, Terry could have had an affair with anyone and it wouldn't have been a football issue. He, however, chose his team mate for club and country. That becomes a football issue. Getting his end away was more important than this team mates, more important then the split it will cause in the england dressing room (and it will cause a split, if someone you worked with had an affair with your friends missus how would you behave towards them). As england captain he has a responsibility to his team, he needs their respect, he needs to be someone they will follow and he's betrayed that.

      You can try and put it back to rooney or any other footballer who has screwed up but if you can't see that this is different then you don't understand the concept of team mate.