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    Should John Terry Step Down from the England Captaincy?


    After all Capello will have to pick Wayne Bridge since he is the backup to Ashley Cole. How is this going to affect the English camp? Terry and Bridge were good mates at Chelsea and now Terry goes and does this! Should he step down?

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    • Terry would have been the right captian..without this issue..But he's lost all cred now after this.
      I dont give a f**K about morals...They can all line up for a good g*obble for all i care.
      But the players cant take him serious..now...
      Can you imagine terry giving an order..the players would be down on him for a g*obble.
      You dont like Rooney,Gerrard..Then the only one left ids KLlampard..(ugh)..
      Anyone for sex..i dont charge too much.....!heee

    • julia u can say all u want but it dont justify what rooney did.

      u dont know the personal situation of the hookers he paid or whether they are happy about being hookers or doing it through desperation.

      iam being objective robert because iam saying u cant compare values or say terrys is worse than rooney etc.

      also england players arent going to be scared of terry cheating with their wives. thats a stupid thing to say.

      players respect each other for their conduct on the pitch,
      not off it.

      or else there would be not many team mates in footie.
      no one would talk to rio for his drug scandal or rooney for his sex for cash or gerrard for his assualts or fabreagas for throwing pizza or half the premiership for there cheating or speeding offences.

      by the way, team mates arent all best mates who hang around & greatly respect each other, half cant even speak the same language & when they get a chance to move to a bigger team they dont turn it down because they have such close team mates.

      most players kiss the badge of their team & then leave at the first chance of a pay rise & then guess what they do?
      kiss the badge of their new team.

      oh yeh & santa dont exist.

    • If the stories are true as they've been reported in the papers, and that's a big if, then i personally believe he should not be England Captain.
      I know that there are not a huge amount of England players that haven't been accused of cheating on their wife or significant other so its not that. And its not the fact that he cheated with the mum of one of his "friends". Up to a point a players private life should not affect his place in a team.

      Its that as England Captain, he had a duty to his team mates and country. But he choose his teammate girlfriend. And it wasn't just a one off mistake where he was caught up in the heat of passion. He had time to think about the consequences and then went back again and again. Getting his end away with her was more important. More important then what it could do to the team dressing room. More important then the pressure he was going to put on his manager. More important then his team mates respect.

      How can you have the support of the dressing room after that.

      And it shouldn't be about who's more important. If it was Cheryl Cole or Coleen should the consequences be any different. The disprespect hasn't only been to his wife and WB its been to the whole England Team.

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      • JT should stay captain, he is a great captain & player.

        this scandal has nothing to do with football.

        plenty of players cheat etc.

        rooney is too hot headed to be captain. last thing we need is our captain getting sent off.

        also rooney was involved in the paying for sex with an OAP scandal a while back. so how is that any better or worse than what JT has done.

        gerrard has been caught assulting people.

        druggie rio missed a drugs test.

        half the team have done something wrong away from football.

    • As has alreday been mentioned in a previous post its how this incident has affected the dynamics within the dressing room. I don`t think anyone would disagree that from a football perspective its better to keep a regular member of the team than a squad player. But if press reports are correct Terry - in the parlance of football - has lost the dressing room. How can he continue to be captain if a substantial number of the squad no longer respect him? As for all this rubbish about Rooney`s temperment that was in the past - the fact that he has only picked up 5 yellow this season speaks volumes for the progress he has made on that front. Indeed even die hard arsenal fans such as Piers Morgan acknowledge how much progress he has made and believe that he should be England`s next captain.

    • I couldn't give a stuff who John Terry is banging behind closed doors, especially not if he captains England to a World Cup tournement win later in the year!

    • He should be sacked as captain and withdrawn form the England squad, we have loads of quality center denfenders but only two quality left backs. We also have a number of leaders.

    • What John Terry does in his private life isn't any cause of concern regarding what goes on, on the pitch!

      Making Wayne Rooney England captain is a ridiculous suggestion, the guy is too short tempered and has difficulty controlling himself nevermind being an inspiration to others!

    • raj, i think rooney is most definitely the future england captain, but i dont think he is ready to be burdened with it yet.
      he is in the form of his life at the moment and i think that we should be grateful for that and just enjoy him, and hope he takes this form to the world cup.
      should terry step down as captain?
      dont know, its a fine line between professionalism and privacy, and to be fair, he answered the critics on saturday, didnt hide, just done the job he is paid to do, on that basis he should remain captain, but if it causes unrest in the england camp, then he should not.

    • Raj: "In short, there is no comparison here whatsoever. What John Terry has done is much worse"

      ...says who? You with your narrow minded and one sided view!

      Only a stupid manUre fan like yourself could see this scenerio through rose tinted glasses and stick up for Wayne "granny bonking" Rooney!

      Wasn't former manUre star David Beckham not knocking that Rebecca Loos off when he was captaining England?

      Can't seem to recall that causing much concern on the pitch?

    • Well if we are going to split hairs here then, yes, Wazza was guilty of going to a brothel. But how long ago was this? Back in 2003, Rooney was a young and immature 17 year old kid. Unlike the grown up, mature and married father that John Terry is supposed to be.

      Wazza wasn't married, he didn't have any kids, he was just a teenager and the woman he cheated on Coleen with wasn't a fellow professional's partner. Say what you want about Wazza, his indescretion didn't cross half the lines John Terry has. Wayne is now more mature, married and a father himself. He is miles away from that randy 17 year old that visited that brothel.

      In short, there is no comparison here whatsoever. What John Terry has done is much worse.

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