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  • Blueskies Blueskies Feb 6, 2010 00:26 Flag

    Blame it on the parents?

    People are sayng that JT's private life has got nothing to do with the football. I strongly disagree.This latest 'affair" disclosure only goes to add to the picture of the football captain of Chelsea and England. One thing is clear -John Terry (ticket tout, American tragedy abuser, tour tout etc..) is an unsavoury character following in the trails of his unsavoury parentage of a shoplifting mother and a drug pushing father.
    People who are asking to turn a blind eye on his integrity (and not just a leg over) - should consider this: If Ronnie or Reggie Kray had footballing talent would they have be suitable to represent England or respectable sports club??

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    • I would not have sacked him on what we know so far, that issue was between him and his family BUT I am quite sure there is more to come out this weekend that will have profound implications for England and Chelsea.
      His affair with Bridges ex may well turn out to be almost a non story compared with what papers are hinting what is about to come out.
      I think we all have an idea of what could be about to break.