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  • NEMESIS NEMESIS Feb 9, 2010 04:47 Flag

    1968+ posts

    1968 posts and rising it was higher, but some must be getting deleted as I type this? rofllolpmsl

    in over a year, on this board, most of them not football related,
    what a REALLY sad life to lead.

    thats REAL OBSESSION 4 you

    ps, thats with having a fake life,
    must be something to do with all those lies they keep telling, being as they are so fascinated by telling them all the time tho.

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    • i sell you a story and you buy it everytime, are you so thick that you always spell OBSESSION wrong and believe everything your told.
      i once rode a pink elephant bareback in paradise, did you know that?
      oh and i used to be brad pitts underpant stunt double pmsl

      you really cant grasp life and whats reality and whats fiction and whats in my underpants tho.

      i play you like a fiddle and you just keep on dancing tho.

      would you like my address for where i get my underpants, i will give it to you if you want it tho?

      go on.....................you know you wanna hahahahahahahaha....................tho tho tho rofllolpsml