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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Feb 11, 2010 22:03 Flag

    A serious question...

    Should Utd live within their means?

    Or go deeper into debt to make big improvements to the squad?

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    • AP, it's a bit of a daft proposition that Utd are overspending when the net spend on players during the last 5 years (Glazers' rule) stands at a c.£15m. Utd would make sufficient profits to warrant spending c.£40m a year on players & wage increases, without the interest payments on Glazers' purchase cost debts.

      However, I agree very much with the notion that players wages have spiralled in recent years. Unfortunately nowadays if you are going to compete in Europe and want to get/keep the best players, you need to be able to compete with the top spending Europeans. Your post in that sense is probably better targeted at the Real culprits who seem accountable to no one and seem to be funded by government and banks etc. You only need to look at the details of contracts offered to Ronaldo, Benzema etc last year.

      To return to the original question, further borrowing IS the only way for Utd to get money for squad improvement in the near future and that fact is now written in stone.

    • Unless Utd make whatever improvements that are needed they won't be able to challenge for the big competitions in the future and could mean they won't be able to pay the interest on the debts, yet alone buy back the bonds when the time is up.

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      • seriously it is a very serious situation at o.t , as well as other clubs. the other problem facing manu is the fergie problem i,e his retirement and of course if what we read is true and it would cost 1 billion to buy the frazers out who would be prepared to pay that sort of money in todays financial climate .and the bond issue is short term. not sure this is the answer. its going to get worse before it gets better , for ALL clubs , but the man.us of this world are deep in it.

      • Its catch 22. But cant help but feel United should be setting an example by capping players wages and transfer fees to some extent. This has got to be better in the long run for football in general. Maybe we saw the start of this when SAF refused to spend mega bucks on the likes of Ribbery and Benzame. There are not many clubs who will outbid United. Chelsea, Man City and Real spring to mind, I say let them spend spend spend, then they can form their own super league and play a round robin tournement every three weeks among themselves ...see how much TV revenue that generates. We should be looking closer at the examples of Arsenal and Burnley and the ethos of Gold and Sullivan at West Ham. You only have to look at Leeds and the recent events at Pompey to see the results of overstretching and throwing money at everthing. United and all the "bigger" clubs need the likes of Blackburn, Fulham etc. to survive and thrive, inflating the transfer market and continuing to pay top wages to average players will further distance the big boys from the rest ... to the detriment of all.