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  • Sensible aswers?!!! Haha. Try asking a sensible question if u want a sensible answer.... it does tend to help.
    And, actually, i think the only sensible comment i have heard on this topic is from 'welshmu' and i have to admit that what he said is so true and philosophical, it's just a shame that the 'abu's' like yourself don't have a brain capable of actually listening to others AND taking it in.... All that you are capable of is putting others down instead of finding your own team to support or talk about....
    And don't ever think that if we lost Giggs, Scholes, Fergie and title we would all walk.....just because that is the kind of person YOU are...... Did we walk when we lost Robson? No. Did we walk when we lost Law & Best? No. Did we walk when we lost Cantona? No. Did we walk when we lost Keano? No. Busby? No. Beckham? No. Ronaldo? No. I am still here......supporting the same team i did probably before you were even born....IFFF we do become a less successful team in the future, the only difference will be that the abu's like yourself will move onto another more successful team to start putting down in order to make yourself feel better.... In a wierd kinda way, i guess that makes yourself the glory follower (i use the word follower instead of supporter as you are clearly not an actual football supporter) from the way you go round following the biggest, best and most successful clubs trying to come with ways of putting them down....

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    • @Bevra

      Another mad rant coming from you, what a surprise!

      I love how idiots like you get so fired up when someone is the slightest bit critical towards the shallow football club you support!

      Personally I've never got that angry over football as it's just a game at the end of the day, but some of you on here are totally fanatical about a football club which you only ever see play on the television, that's if you can manage to drag your fat backsides away from the computer?